Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Burning Wire by Jeffery Deaver

The Burning Wire by Jeffery Deaver

The watchmaker....the one perp Lincoln has not been able to finally a clue ..a way to catch him at last..but then a phone call..New york is under attack by  a madman who is using electricity to target people..innocent people...Lincoln finally identifies the madman and gets the surprise of his life...

This book makes such an interesting read, you feel as though you are solving the case yourself. Jeffery Deaver has a writing style that keeps you glued to a fast pacing plot and everytime you think you are there the story takes yet another turn.

This is the latest book in the Lincoln Rhyme series. Jeffery Deaver has a main character..Lincoln Rhyme...a true character..a retired police office now in a wheelchair.He may be a genius in the field of forensic evidence but he doesn't know who to deal with humans or maybe he doesn't want to. Amelia Sachs, another strong character is a  police officer who has come to love Lincoln while working on various cases with him . Lincoln reciprocates by considering Amelia his eyes and ears in the field. It is an interesting relationship that provides some relief in an otherwise involves the nitty gritty details of collecting and analyzing forensic evidence. Another character that completes the story is Lincoln's caregiver Thom. He is absolutely loyal to Lincoln and is ready to take on his verbal abuse so that he can take care of Lincoln.

I couldn't write more about the plot without giving away the whole story so I suggest you read the book to find out. This book is ideal for people who are crazy about cops and cop shows and books.


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